Overseas real estate solutions


Factory site

Altitude: above sea level 30~95M

Chi strength (long-term allowable bearing capacity): OFF land board 10t or more, fill the ground 5t more than
2-story building, normally accepted on direct basis.

However, we need consideration such as pile foundation if it exceeds the earth strength in large concentrated load and buildings with vibration such as weight machine.

Complex in the road

Highway: The entire width 37M ~ 47M, 8M (2 lane) × 2 direction a total of four-lane pavement
General road: The entire width 29M, 10M (1 lane) × 2 direction a total of two-lane paved
  • In the whole width, sidewalk, rainwater gutters, contains the street lights, the main road in addition to the above, includes a median or central rainwater groove.


  • PLN (Power Corporation) supply from (for the stable supply implementation, priority supply agreement between KIIC-PLN signed a ).
  • In addition to the above, by the comprehensive substation contract between KIIC over PLN, to set up a KIIC dedicated substation in the industrial park. 180MW at the same substation facilities (60MW × 3 units) secured.
  • KIIC In the third stage area, in addition to the dedicated substation, set up a dedicated transformer for even substation adjacent KIIC, to realize the supply of from 2 substation. Possible expansion of capacity as needed.
  • The industrial park in the looping system, to ensure the stability of the additional power.
  • Power contract directly contract with each tenant companies and PLN (KIIC support until the connection).
[Voltage and frequency]

Voltage: 20kV (use of 380 or 220V need step-down on top of the transformer installed at each tenant companies)
Frequency: 50Hz


Water Tower


Natural gas

Supply from the PGN (Gas Corporation). (Direct contract with each tenant companies and PGN)  

Water supply

  • Tarum Barat (irrigation waterway that flows from Jaa Till full dam to Jakarta city, water flow, per second 25t) water intake raw water from.
  • Max 1t / sec of water intake permit has been acquired between Jaa Till full irrigation Corporation.
  • to ensure the adjustment pond 350,000ton for the case where the Tarum Barat was drought during maintenance.
  • Industrial water plant supplied as a post-processing industrial water in the (aggregated with sedimentation basin rapid filtration method) in the park.
  • Available supply 30,000t / day (24 hours).
  • Water supply contract agreement with each tenant companies and KIIC.
[Water pressure and water quality]

Water pressure: 1.0Kg / cm3 or more secure?
water quality: Please Contact Us

Sewage treatment

After primary treatment at each tenant companies, and drainage in the joint water pipe on the front road buried. Then KIIC wastewater treatment plant (activated sludge treatment method) in the discharged into the Citarum river in accordance with the secondary treatment to West Java drainage regulation values. 

KIIC wastewater treatment plant (activated sludge treatment method) 1
KIIC wastewater treatment plant (activated sludge treatment system) 2


TELKOM (Indonesian Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation) than 1,000 lines installed already.
Telephone · Fax · leased lines · ISDN · ADSL · leased lines can be utilized, the supply from TELKOM.
Contract rather than directly to TELKOM each tenant companies (KIIC support).

Main Channel

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