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KIIC aim to progress developing together with surrounding community by making the job opportunity. For example, the repair work of the road every year, renewing the dranage considering the amount of rainfall, security matters, etc.

Aside form that, KIIC has Tenant Association consist of Our Tenant Companies. KIIC and the Tenanat Association has strong communication such as having monthly seminars, regular meetings to gather information and inquiries from the Tenants. From these points KIIC has been improving by the help of our stakeholders. We continue doing this effort to fulfill our Missions.

One of our features is Specialized for Industrial use. KIIC has the policy of selling the land sorely for the Industrial Use. This makes the estate only for Industrial factories. This leads to the organized environment inside the premises. Because of this, the area is independant from other area, which makes the traffic more controlable.

Also, the development of the industrial land, Our engineer team monitor the construction before and after the construciton so that there should be less trouble after start opearting.

Other strong features in KIIC is stable high quality infrastructure. Premius service contract with PLN for the Electricity, 2 resouvoirs which have the capacity for more than 2 weeks supply, every year’s maintenance work for the road and the drainage, these make stable enviromnent for the operation.

Considering the above, the ministry of Industry in Indonesia gave us the award as "the Best Industrial Estate" in 2013.

Rental Factory
Rental Warehouse
Rental Office

Located along Jakarta Chikampek Road (46km point). Access from Jakarta has improved significantly due to completion new highway in 2019.

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KIIC prepare various facilities to support the business life and private life.

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Utilities & Infrastructure

Development and designed by a Japanese consulting company.

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Tenant Company

In KIIC there are around 170 companies come from all over the world.

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