Expansion Site 110ha (Phase 5) Construction Completed

We proudly announce that the development of a 110-hectare construction project initiated in October of 2021 has been successfully completed by the end of August 2023. In a relatively short period of time, we have successfully finished this project.

Alongside the completion of the industrial area expansion, KIIC has thus far received many information requests from companies across various industrial sectors. Demand from commodity product industries such as food or consumer goods has also been increasing over the past three to five years. Additionally, we proudly announce that a part of sales premise land has already been sold, and we have handed over the keys to the lessees.

KIIC continues to take steps to foster comprehensive growth. We are not only expanding our industrial area but also introducing state-of-the-art support facilities by developing additional warehouses and container depots, which will facilitate lessees in managing and distributing their goods.

Moreover, KIIC is actively providing innovative solutions to our lessees. By leveraging the resources held by our two main shareholders, we are committed to adding value to every business operating within the KIIC environment.

This process involves not only the dedication of our team but also outstanding support from various parties. We extend our gratitude for the support and trust given to KIIC. We are committed to continuous innovation and delivering the best to our business partners.

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