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Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC) always strives to maintain the privacy & security of personal data for its tenants and users in such a way that it can meet the provisions of the appropriate laws and regulations.

We are providing this privacy policy page in order to inform you on how we collect, use and disclose personal information through the KIIC website. This privacy policy also describes the steps that we take in order to protect and secure your personal information.

We hope that you will read the entire page carefully before deciding on how to use the website or submit any personal information through this website. By accessing and using KIIC’s website, you are deemed to have received and given explicit consent to all provisions described within the website’s privacy policy.

Please note that from time to time we may change the content of the privacy policy, therefore we encourage you to review this page so as to ensure that you are aware of how any personal information you provide us will be used.

1. Types of information we may collect

We collect several types of information which includes info used to identify you personally (Personally Identifiable Information) such as your name, company name, email address, or other identifiers when such data is voluntarily submitted onto our website.

When accessing this website, we will also obtain your non-personal info automatically including data relating to your IP address, device information, browser information, or the operating system you are using.

2. Purpose of collecting personal information

We collect, store and use your information only for the following purposes:

  • Improve the quality of the website in providing information related to the company’s business.
  • Improve the quality of KIIC’s products and services.
  • Process internal data, such as collecting statistical information about customer interests, surveys, or research related to the company’s business processes.
  • Carry out processes regarding communication, negotiation, decision making, implementation of agreements, as well as to manage other transactions related to the company’s business processes.
  • Provide or communicate information to the industry or company stakeholders for the management of the overall business.
  • For other purposes related to the company’s business processes which we may explain when you provide information or other purposes according to a predetermined agreement.

3. Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the prior consent of the individual associated with the personal information. However, we may distribute information to third parties if: (1) it is permitted or required by law; or (2) trying to protect/prevent actual/potential fraud and unauthorized transactions; or (3) to investigate a fraud that has occurred.

4. The handling of information collected automatically on the website

When you visit, there exists some information that we automatically collect. The following are the uses for such information:

  • Use of Cookies

To provide a satisfying experience, we store a small amount of data in order to identify your computer through the use of a technology called “cookies”. This technology will not be used to identify personal information, but will identify any series of interactions conducted through the KIIC website so that the website can recognize you.

However, you can accept or reject our web cookies. To limit the use of cookies, please refer to the options provided by the web browser you are using. You need to know, when you turn off the use of cookies on the website, there is a possibility that some website pages may not work optimally.

  • Use of Google Analytics

The company uses a service provided by Google called “Google Analytics”. This service uses cookies to monitor and analyze the use of our website services. Google Analytics is managed and operated in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. Please visit Google Analytics’ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information on Google’s privacy practices.

  • Access history

The website will collect information in the form of log files. This information includes the IP address, the type of browser used, and the frequency with which users access our website. We will use this data only for its statistical information and for analysis regarding the status of our website and for no other purpose.

  • External links

This privacy policy only applies to the KIIC website and not to any other website located on the KIIC website page.

5. Security Protection Information

We always strive to continuously ensure that your personal information can be properly protected from unauthorized access either physically or electronically. We take various precautions to provide protection for personally identifiable information that we have collected through the KIIC website such as the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. This system is used to protect personal information by encrypting data so as to avoid unauthorized access. In addition, we also ensure that the data we have obtained will be used in accordance with this privacy policy.

However, we cannot guarantee that the information will be completely secure from unauthorized tampering, access or manipulation during transmission over the internet. Therefore, you need to understand that although we have put effort into the protection of your information, we cannot guarantee that the personal information on the website will always be protected from other parties who seek to circumvent the security measures that have been put in place.

6. Complaints & Concerns

If you have any complaints, questions, or concerns regarding the privacy policy that we have provided, please submit them via email at

7. Approval

By operating, accessing, or using the website, you agree to this privacy policy.

8. Change

The Company may make changes to the contents of this privacy policy from time to time to suit any changes to new applicable policies, laws or regulations.