2021 INDO 4.0 Award(December 2nd, 2022)

KIIC has got the INDO 4.0 award by the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, for the title of Smart Industrial Estate on December 2nd.

(the link below is the article by the Ministry of Industry)

INDO 4.0 is progressed by the government through the Roadmap towards Indonesia 4.0, trying to re-energize the manufacturing industry.

This reward is given to many companies in various industries (Machinery, Electrical, Textile, and Agriculture, and so on) , whose activities leads accelerate their production.

Also, there are 4 Industrial Estate, including KIIC, has given the award for the Smart Industrial Estates.

They valued some of the activities in KIIC such as, Smart Street lighting, Smart Water meter for its Industrial water, and also the infrastructure (fiber optic cable) to support its Tenants.

Some tenants in KIIC also got this award, thus not only the environment in the Estate but also the Tenant Activities got highly valued.

We will keep moving on and fulfill the needs of the various tenants as the government recognized Industrial Estate.

(Link to the Article:  https://www.kemenperin.go.id/artikel/22982/Program-INDI-4.0-Berikan-Manfaat-Bisnis-Sektor-Manufaktur )

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