Development and designed by a Japanese consulting company.

Development and designed by a Japanese consulting company.

Message from KIIC Representative

President Director of KIIC Karawang Industrial Area Makoto Yamaguchi

President Director Message

Thank you very much for having interest with our proud KIIC.

Our mission is to create and provide a comfortable environment where all tenants can concentrate on their main business of production activities without any other trouble.

Because of that, we are not just selling the land to the clients, but also manage and provide stable hard-infrastructure such as electricity, water and good road conditions, as well as soft-services such as security, consulting and giving useful information.

As such we would like to create long-term relationship with our tenants.

Owning to full support kindly given by as many as 170 tenant companies, KIIC has been successfully growing about 30 years.

We would describe sincere appreciation. We promise that we strive to enhance our service to aim at further progress in the future!.

Makoto Yamaguchi
President Director

Director of Industrial Area KIIC Karawang Sanny Iskandar

Director Message

KIIC as a pioneer developer of a private Industrial Estate has been performed for nearly 30 years and is supported by two large companies Sinarmas Land and ITOCHU Corporation of Japan, will continue to maintain the company's mission. Our company mission is to facilitate investment in manufacturing industries from all over the country to operate in the KIIC Industrial Estate and provide the best services to satisfy their needs. Furthermore, KIIC also give a best effort to contribute for Indonesian economy growth and build harmonized relationship with society.

To prepare Industrial Estate in Indonesia to accept investors into their location, HKI has a role to provide guidance and direction to their members.

KIIC is an Industrial Estate developed with comprehensive infrastructure and utilities, it is managed by a management team that prioritizes the best service for its tenants.

In 2013, KIIC received the award for the best Industrial Estate in Indonesia from the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Sanny Iskandar from Sinarmas land
Director (Chairman Industrial park association; HKI)


Jointly developed by Japanese giant trading company Itochu Corporation and leading Indonesian corporate group Sinarmas since 1993. Know-how and experiences of both shareholders are utilized for maintain our high-quality services.
Itochu and Sinarmas Land company logos

KIIC Industrial Area Facilities and Infrastructure


  • PT. PLN PERSERO, Tbk. (Power Supply Corporation) provides electricity to KIIC with a Premium Services contract. This is a priority supply contract between PLN and KIIC to have a stable supply of Electricity.
  • KIIC is supported by 4 major Power Substations, and its capacity is a maximum of 540 MW.
  • There are 2 exclusive Power Substations inside KIIC premises, in addition to these, there is an exclusive transformer in surrounding Substation to provide electricity inside this Industrial Estate. This enables us to reduce the trouble of the electricity supply and in case of trouble, it enables us to have a fast recovery. The maximum capacity can be bigger.
Map of the Location of the Electrical Substation in the Karawang KIIC Industrial Area

Water Supply

We equipped Industrial water and wastewater plant which was designed and constructed by a Japanese company.
Besides that, we possessed two reservoirs as emergency back-up water supply.

water intake is from raw water
Tarum Barat (irrigation waterway that flows from Jati Luhur Dam to Jakarta city and flows 25t per second) water intake is from raw water.
water intake permit from Jati Luhur irrigation Corporation
Max 1t / sec of water intake permit has been acquired between Jati Luhur irrigation Corporation.
pond 350,000ton water supply
Ensuring the adjustment pond 350,000ton for the case where the Tarum Barat was drought during maintenance.
water supplied as a post-processing water
Industrial water plant supplied as a post-processing industrial water (aggregated with sedimentation basin rapid filtration method) in the park.
water supply 35,000t 24h
Available supply 35,000t / day (24 hours).
Water supply contracts agreement
Water supply contracts agreement with each Tenant and KIIC.


Natural gas pipeline has been buried in the industrial park by PGN(state-owned)
Gas Pipeline in the Karawang KIIC Industrial Area
Logo of an Internet Service Provider Company in the KIIC Karawang Industrial Area

Telecommunication and Internet Connection

Five providers buried their own optical fiber cable and developed their service. Through these high-quality fiber cable, you can attain high-speed internet connection without any stress.
Existing Wastewater Treatment Facilities in the KIIC Karawang Industrial Area


After primary treatment at each tenant companies, and drainage in the joint water pipe on the front road buried. Then KIIC wastewater treatment plant (activated sludge treatment method) in the discharged into the Citarum river in accordance with the secondary treatment to West Java drainage regulation values.
Telephone and Fax Communication Line Facilities in the Karawang Industrial


KIIC is supported by the world's oldest telecommunication companies, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, commonly known as PT. TELKOM. Morethan 1,000 lines installed in KIIC; Telephone · Fax · ISDN · ADSL · Leased Lines.

Private lines are available, as Tenants' preferences both can be chosen whether using Jakarta or Karawang number. A contract is a direct contract between Tenants and TELKOM. (KIIC will support Tenants). For the Internet connection, there are 6 ISP has already put their fiber cable inside KIIC.

Rainwater Drainage Facilities as Anticipation of Floods in the KIIC Karawang Industrial Area

Main Channel

Huge rainwater ditches have been installed in KIIC Industrial Estate to prevent flooding due to rainfall during the rainy season, and the impact of rain on operations is reduced. The allowable amount of rainwater is calculated from the amount of rainfall each year and corrected. For this reason, KIIC has never been hit by a flood since its founding.

KIIC prepare various facilities to support the business life and private life.

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Located along Jakarta Chikampek Road (46km point). Access from Jakarta has improved significantly due to completion new highway in 2019.

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