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The Pride of KIIC, extending to every corner.

KIIC is an Industrial Estate with App, 1500 Ha land operating since 1993. Our mission is to provide environments where all our tenants can focus on their activities.


We prepare basic infrastructure to start production in Indonesia, Industrial Water, Electricity, Natural Gas, Telecommunication, and the Internet connection.


We withdraw electricy through 500KV High Voltage line of PLN(state-owned) from 2 directions. In short, if one line shut down, the other one can backup. Furhermore we have priority supply contract with PLN so that we can provide stable electricity.


Rainwater drainage design is reviewed every year, in light of the changing weather conditions. About 30 years have passed since phase 1, however there was no serious damage of flood.

Water Supply

We equipped Industrial water and wastewater plant which was designed and constructed by a Japanese company. Besides that, we possessed two reservoirs as emergency back-up water supply.

Natural Gas

Natural gas pipeline has been buried in the industrial park by PGN(state-owned)

Telecommunication and Internet Connection

Five providers buried their own optical fiber cable and developed their service. Through these high-quality fiber cable, you can attain high-speed internet connection without any stress.

Karawang, located in the middle of West Java, convenient for its environment.

Karawang Regency where KIIC is located is in central West Java(Approximately 50km from the center of JKT). Around 60 thousand people are working in KIIC, most of Indonesian workers commute from central Karawang.In central Karawang, there are several large commercial facilities, hotels, hospitals, recently has been developing rapidly.

  • 56 km to the Center of Jakarta City
  • 85 km to the International Airport Soekarno-Hatta
  • 15 minutes from KIIC to Karawang Prefecture Center (convenience for local staff to work commute)
  • 2,4 million inhabitants of local Karawang Prefecture (the workers' supply in abundance)
There are big hospitals in Karawang
There are several housing area accessible to KIIC. They can commute around 15-30 minutes.
There are banks, Post Office and other necessary facilities, including shopping mall.
85km from Soekarno- Hatta Airport (Convenient Access)


We originally started out with operations at Sunter, near to Jakarta. The Sunter plant become a little small for us in some ways. In order to expand a little more, we felt that the eastern district would be better, because we suffered from serious traffic congestion
Originally, We had been importing the wood used for making pianos from Indonesia. From this relationship, - we considered producing the pianos themselves in Indonesia instead of just importing the wood from here. That is how we came to set up our base here. I think that the people here are hardworking. They are also skillful.
Our Company produces engine parts for two-wheeled vehicles. Naturally, Indonesia is a potential market for the future. Furthermore, Indonesia is very pro-Japanese as compared to other countries. And there are many people who like foreign people.


The latest news from the KIIC Management Office

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Thursday, December 23 2021
2021 INDO 4.0 Award(December 2nd, 2022)
Wednesday, December 22 2021
Distribution of Baby Food (Baby Food program November 2021)
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